Values & The Brand

There’s been a lot of changes lately. With the mergers of our two teams and the changes to our name and brand, it’s easy for things like values to get lost in the shuffle. The addition of new team members is always an adjustment to the culture and means new ideas, beliefs, and values.

We’re excited about all of our recent changes and know we have to make specific efforts to emphasis and champion the values we still hold true. It’s an opportunity. An opportunity for all of us here at SevenBlue to grow and build off of the foundation we’ve already set.

In doing so we wanted to share this concept. You see, brand culture is important to any brand. It’s what we pride ourselves on helping our clients with. It’s building brands off of the value & story that is naturally inherent inside the culture of a company.

It isn’t just creating core values. It has to come naturally. It’s who you are as a company and as individuals. From that foundation, you build and nurture and grow a culture that propels your brand and your audience in a positive way.

That’s our belief, at least, and as we face our future and we put in the strategic work for our clients, we are building it all on our values. Holding true to the values and character that got us here. Honesty, dedication, positivity, and creative innovation just to name a few. We believe that strong values and strong branding go hand-in-hand.

What do you believe in and why? An important thing to answer for any brand, and any individual, and why “Building Brand Culture” is at the heart of everything we do.