Unleash Your Creativity

When you work in the marketing and branding industry it is essential to foster an environment that promotes creativity. Of course some strategies work better than others depending on the person. That is why there is not one solid recipe that cooks up creativity for everyone all of the time. Just like the weather your mood can change daily or hourly and this in turn can impact your creativity.  Below are a few ways that you can fuel your creative spark.


Have you considered looking for a job that fosters having fun while at work, like team outings and gym breaks. Letting loose for a few hours can help us think more freely, boosting creativity and productivity when we’re back at the desk.

Brainstorm & Collaborate

We all know two heads are better than one. Take time if not everyday then at least weekly to brainstorm some ideas for new projects. By engaging in conversations you are more likely to talk about your interests and also hear your colleagues opinions and ideas. This in turn can make the light bulb go off and result in that “aha” moment that you were searching for.

Give it a Rest

Step away from working and take a deep breath. Let your guard down, allow yourself to get distracted and relax – this is a key component to a better flow of ideas. I have found that some of my most innovative ideas come to mind when I am doing other activities like taking a shower, unloading the dishwasher or driving home from work. Times when you aren’t focusing on work and are in a dreamlike state of mind are prime times for tapping into your creativity.

White Space

Build a physical space for creativity in your house or at work and include objects related to hobbies, mementos, and vision boards for displaying new projects. This encourages your mind to get into the habit of being creative every time we’re in that space.


Yes exercise is important to your health. However it also impacts and affects other areas of your life such as your work, creativity and mindset. Weeks when I fail to exercise find that I feel less productive or struggle to come up with clever and innovative ideas. Exercise is a known to reduce stress and anxiety and also known to increase your energy and stimulate your brain and imagination. Even if it is as simple as stepping away from your desk and taking a 10-minute walk around your building, you might be surprises at the brilliant ideas you think of while enjoying that fresh air. So what are you waiting for? Work it out!

Take a Drink

Yes, let it be known that what you drink can totally impact your creativity. The beverage of choice will vary for all for example it could be a cup of joe, Crystal Lite lemonade or a glass of vino. Some drinks however are more effective on increasing creativity than others. The best time to have a beer would be when you’re searching for an initial idea. Because alcohol is a substance that relaxes you it also make you less worried about what’s going on around you and can help you reach creative insights. Everything in moderation, of course, and you probably shouldn’t drink in the workplace if it’s forbidden. This on the other hand might explain why there are so many famous artists who’s pieces of art were a result of a good beverage.

So like I said this is not the recipe of ways that will boost creativity for everyone. There are hundreds of ways to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe it’s a game of ping-pong, getting a manicure, drinking a glass of vino, taking a nap or designating a creative space. Whatever it is the options are endless switching up your strategies can make a big difference and can result in innovative ideas.

Written By:  Crystal Wexler /Director of Brand Engagement