To Post, Or not to Post? That is the Question!

We’ve all come across businesses social media accounts that are either doing it so right that jealousy lingers or it’s so wrong that it makes you cringe. Here at Werkshop, we offer social media management to help build your brand, increase traffic to your website, and help develop creative content for your social media accounts.

Life today seems to revolve around social media. On our lunch breaks we’re scrolling through feeds, sitting in waiting rooms trying to save our boredom or I see this way too often, we’re sitting on our phones at the dinner table. Either way, our phones are always in our hands and we’re always criticizing the next new post. Here are some of the most common mistakes brands make as well as the do’s you should adopt.

  1. DON’T target just anyone. DO identify your audience. I’ve seen brands post random things that have nothing to do with the audience they are trying to reach. When you identify the age demographic or a certain characteristic that applies to a specific group, you can create better content that will apply to them.
  2. DON’T take it personal. DO be relevant and consistent. Once you’ve identified your audience, creating content will become easier. However, if you are a small business, say a boutique, and you’re posting about your dog all the time, you may see a decrease in followers or traffic. Your followers follow you because they either relate to you or are interested in your services, not your personal life.
  3. DON’T post quotes off Pinterest. DO post original content. A quote every now and then works and if it’s relevant to your audience you may gain more traffic. If people agree with your quote and want to share it, they will tag a friend to share it with them and it becomes a snowball effect. If you’re always doing this however, people will see you aren’t being original and will soon ‘unfollow’ you because you aren’t showcasing your products or services to them or offering them something to their advantage.
  4. DON’T just wing it. DO create a plan. If you have no plan set in place for your social media accounts, it can become a hassle or something you set on the back burner. Sit down and make a monthly calendar. Map out the content and graphics for each day as well as the captions or associated verbiage.
  5. DON’T post twice a day every day. DO post daily or three times a week. The size and scope of your business all depends on the amount of content you should distribute weekly. If you post more than once a day, to some it becomes annoying. If you do need to post twice a day however, post once mid-morning and again late-afternoon or night. Don’t be that account (insert side-eye emoji here.)
  6. DON’T think you know everything. DO your research. If you plan to manage your businesses social media, do your research. Know when the best times to post are. If you’re just starting out on social media, trial and error helps to feel out the best times for you. All business audiences are different.
  7. DON’T just post. DO engage with your audience. If you’re just posting and not engaging with your audience you will start to see a decline in traffic. When you show you appreciate your customers and are willing to answer the questions they may have, it shows you care about not only them, but your business as well. If someone compliments your post, tell him or her thank you. A simple response goes a long way.
  8. DON’T be boring. DO have fun. Stay up-to-date with your content and up-to-date with what’s happening in the world. Keeping up with the latest trends helps show you’re in the know. Be fun and creative with it. People love a good laugh.
  9. DON’T consistently use Shutterstock. DO create original content. This goes with #3. Create your own original content and take your own original pictures. I see this most frequently on websites. When companies services include web design for example, and you have a boring website with only Shutterstock photos included on every page, I don’t consider you as a reliable company. I wouldn’t trust my company’s website in your hands if you can’t create one for your own.
  10. DON’T overuse hashtags. DO use relevant industry hashtags. Hashtags to some may be annoying, but they can actually help grow your following. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram use hashtags and you can search by top trending hashtags or interests. Be creative, but relevant with them. If the hashtag doesn’t exist then don’t use it. Hashtags can be an advantage, but an illegal use of hashtags can hurt you. Be smart about it.

Whether you are just getting started with your business social media accounts or you are looking for ways to revamp your strategy, take a step back before blasting information out there, that may or may not be relevant to your business. Identify your audience, engage with your audience and provide them with content that they will share with others and most importantly keep coming back for more. Not sure how to identify your audience and determine the type of content your audience craves? We can help! Social media management is just one of the many services we offer.  Connect with Werkshop and we will help your business get better connected with your audience.

Written By:  Savannah Harris/Brand Manager