Hannah Snyder

Account Manager

Creature of Habit
Healthy Obsession with Dogs
Loves to Travel
Will Never Turn down Tacos

Hannah graduated summa cum laude from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate and Organizational Communication, with a minor in Marketing. Hannah began working at Werkshop Branding as an intern, and is now a full-time Brand Manager. Equipped with a knack for social media marketing and a knowledge of a variety of marketing tactics, she has a desire to help clients grow their business through various branding and marketing strategies.

Hannah is originally from Hopkinsville, KY, but has resided in Bowling Green for the past 4 years while attending WKU. She is excited to experience Bowling Green outside of WKU and to make it her new home. When she’s not at Werkshop, you can find Hannah spending time with friends, eating Mexican food or watching reruns of her favorite shows on Netflix.