• Culture- The Key Brand Influencer

    One of the most important aspects of a company is its culture.  Simply put, culture is made of the core values, beliefs, and norms that are native in an organization. It reflects the foundation of the company, the basic principles, and even the day to day details. It’s everything that a company is, starting on the inside of the workplace and radiating out to the public. Culture is living, and it’s powerful. read more

  • Less is More – Making the Most with Minimalist Branding

    Many new and exciting changes are developing in the marketing and branding industry, including the recent trend of a minimalistic approach to branding. Minimalist branding uses less text and visual artistry to communicate messages. “Less” does not mean decreasing effort or thought in creating messages.  Instead, it requires detailed consideration to every detail. 

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  • Values & The Brand

    There’s been a lot of changes lately. With the mergers of our two teams and the changes to our name and brand, it’s easy for things like values to get lost in the shuffle. The addition of new team members is always an adjustment to the culture and means new ideas, beliefs, and values.

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