More Likes or More Engagement?…………

“Would you rather have a few really close friends or many acquaintances?”

When venturing into the world of social media marketing, it is important to set goals before you begin. Without goals, you will have no way to measure your success. As an organization, your social media goals might include reaching people, having people engage with your content, growing your client list,  and gaining page likes.  

Often times, businesses who are new to Facebook tend to measure success solely on their number of page likes. This focus on the number of page likes can overshadow the focus on the number of people who actually engage with their content.

Likes vs. Engagement

The saying goes, “Would you rather have a few really close friends or many acquaintances?”. The same can apply for likes and engagement on social media. Would you rather have a lot of people who like your page but who do not interact with your content, or less total likes but more engagement in your content?

On Facebook, people tend to like pages when they pop up on their news feed because they see that their friends liked them, or maybe because your brand is one that they liked at a certain time. However, with the high amount of clutter on Facebook, people often forget about pages that they previously liked, so your number of page likes may not be an accurate representation of the number of people actually engaging with your brand.

Instead of focusing on getting a high number page likes, focus on having a high percentage of engagement on your page. A higher percentage of engagement can lead to greater reach. Engagement is a combination of people who are liking, commenting, sharing your content, and mentioning your brand. Essentially, engagement refers to people talking about your brand, interacting with your posts, and in a way, recommending your page and content to others. If one of your goals is to increase your brand awareness, make sure you are implementing the right strategies to get and keep your audience engaged.  The more engaged your audience is, the more they are telling other people about your brand.

Written by:  Hannah Snyder/ Brand Manager