New year. New name.

That’s right, as you’ve probably noticed, we’ve made some changes around here. We thought we’d share a little about just what that means, but first, let’s start at the beginning.

At the end of last year, Werkshop Branding was acquired by the Stadiumred Group in New York City and merged with their existing marketing agency Stadiumred Life.

That’s right, our family got a little bigger and for us, it’s a perfect fit. Our new setup just made sense and we’re excited about the opportunities our new dynamic brings to our clients. In all of this, we decided it was a great time to come together under one new name and brand.


Meet SevenBlue.


Not just a name change or a rebrand. SevenBlue is the result of two agencies coming together to create an innovative force for positive change. With services calibrated specifically for brand identity, strategy, and audience connection & experience.

Our values and philosophies haven’t changed, but our capabilities have. We’ve expanded our capacity to include Experiential Marketing (more on that here!). Our enhanced tools, skills, and processes are bringing an elevated and innovate approach to what we do.

We’re excited. We’re really excited, actually, and we can’t wait to share more of the awesome projects we’ve been working on and the amazing clients we get to call family. So stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more about what we’re up to, some cool insight into our world, and showcasing the services and skills we use to enact positive change for our clients and build brand culture.