Less is More – Making the Most with Minimalist Branding

Many new and exciting changes are developing in the marketing and branding industry, including the recent trend of a minimalistic approach to branding. Minimalist branding uses less text and visual artistry to communicate messages. “Less” does not mean decreasing effort or thought in creating messages.  Instead, it requires detailed consideration to every detail. 

Large organizations, like Apple and Google, already implement this kind of branding into their marketing and advertising.  Technological advancements push this growth, as minimalist branding caters to social media advertisement. With the shift in approach, companies must adapt in order to stay competitive in the market.  Here are a few strategies to help you craft content that is minimal but effective. 

Know Your Company.  Before you start using minimalist branding, you have to really know your company.  Knowing your company means knowing your people, the culture, and your customers and their needs.  Take time to pay attention to the norms and day-to-day happenings in your workplace and get to know the people around you.  Ask questions about customer interactions and get involved. Understanding these aspects of your company allows you to know your brand and have greater influence in your minimalist tactics while remaining native to who you are.

Be Clear and Concise. Clarity is extremely important to minimalist branding.  Your words should communicate your exact message. Using as few words to get to the point of the message eliminates unnecessary information and focuses audiences on content. Graphics must also communicate clearly and concisely. Creative usage of clean lines and white space also help your design look minimalistic.

Be Coherent Through Consistency.  Your message needs to be minimalistic across the board.  Print and electronic mediums should match each other stylistically.  All images need to be coherent in graphic and text pairing, in color, and in spacing.  Your brand must communicate minimalism in all of its social media platforms. Audiences value genuine consistency. Communicating your brand with the same style goes a long way.

Be Purposeful.  Minimalist branding does not mean minimal effort. The details matter.  Carefully design each element of your message. Give thought to each word of your text and each aspect of your images.  Remember, keep it clean and simple.

As the branding industry continues to change, minimalist branding is a trend you can use to build your brand image. It can increase your influence in the market. Audiences will connect with your brand because the message is more direct, making you memorable. Consider implementing these strategies to make more of less in your brand today.