It’s The Little Things

It really is all about the little things. Have you ever been impressed with someone or something and realized after the fact that it really was just something small and non-monumental but it had a great impact on you? I’ve had plenty.

As a brand expert, and someone who is constantly watching how other brands interact with their customers, I tend to notice those little things that set them apart from their competitors. It allows them differentiation in a very crowded market place.

But understand, many of these brands don’t do these little things as a way to get attention. It’s embedded in their culture. Their way of life. Their mantra.

Take for example We’ve used them for years and have a corporate account. I can’t tell you how many times I have told my staff to just call them. Just call GoDaddy’s customer service and they’ll answer your question. And when they have called, they’re happy to hear your voice and they sincerely want to help. Calling customer service at most companies is a painful experience (insert cable company name here). It almost causes chest pains for some of us. It’s automated. Outsourced to a country where you can’t understand half of what they’re saying. Not with GoDaddy. Never. Always pleasant. Always willing to help. In a world where we’ve just come to accept bad customer service, a big thanks to GoDaddy for keeping it real.  

What about that time someone “paid it backwards” and you were the recipient of a free grande hazelnut nonfat no-whip white mocha in the drive-thru at Starbucks. Ok, I admit, it’s a bit of a foo-foo drink but it really is good. You should try it. Those gestures are hard to forget.

And finally, those hand-written notes. Yes, those. We’ve become a society that just texts, tweets, and snapchats. And that’s how my family communicates when we’re all in the same house. We rarely give or receive a hand-written note anymore, whether in business or in our personal lives. But when we do, it makes a great impact. It puts a different kind of smile on our face.

So think about it, it really is the little things. In most cases they don’t even cost anything. But the lasting impression they leave is priceless. I promise when you come down from the clouds or up out of the tall weeds and notice the little things you’ll enjoy life so much more. Even more so if you dish out some “little things” memories from time to time.

Written By:  Tim Earnhart/Founder & CEO