Getting Tactical for the New Year

The Power of an Effective Marketing Blueprint:  PART 2: Getting Tactical for the New Year

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It’s important to create a document that is ever-changing and can be followed by all team members. Each section builds the proper plan and one leads seamlessly to the next. Treat the strategies as the overall umbrella, with the tactics supporting each strategy, and the exhibits fully outline your approach. Follow these simple steps to create your Annual Marketing Plan!

  1. Research
  2. Budget
  3. Timeline
  4. Goals
  5. Strategies
  6. Tactics
  7. Messaging
  8. Produce Deliverables
  9. Launch Plan
  10. Monitor & Measure Your Results
  11. Keep Your Plan Alive
  1. Research: Annually you should look at your competition and market trends forecasted in the upcoming year.
  1. Budget: Establish an annual budget that you
  1. Timeline: Create a timeline for how you will launch for annual marketing plan.
  1. GOALS: Simply what you would like to accomplish in your business.
  1. STRATEGIES: These are probably the hardest to understand and the hardest to write. So many times we see people confusing goals and strategies. Strategies are WHY you are doing something.
  1. TACTICS: Tactics are the things you’ll do to accomplish the goal and fulfill the strategy.
  1. Messaging: What are you going to say this year? Keep your message consistent across all media, whether it is print, digital, TV or radio.
  1. Produce Deliverables: What marketing and advertising pieces will you produce? Social Media, TV commercial, brochure, public relations campaign, billboards, email marketing? How will you reach your audience?
  1. Launch Your Plan: Develop the plan to execute your strategies and tactics.
  1. Monitor & Measure your Results: Not all strategies and tactics are measurable; some are for top of mind/brand awareness. The strategies and tactics that are measurable analyze them and decide if they were worth the investment.
  1. Keep Your Plan Alive: Build. Launch. Measure. Tweak. Repeat.

Before you begin the annual planning process for the coming year’s marketing efforts, you’ll want to take a close look at how you performed over the current year. Even if you did not have a structured marketing plan in place previously, you should be able to review past marketing activities and results. Best of Luck!

See our blog post The Power of an Effective Marketing Blueprint – Part 1: The Blueprint Before the Plan to establish the foundation of your marketing plan. If you get stuck…give us shout!