Free Resources Every Designer Should Have in Their Toolbox

I often find myself in need of fonts, graphics, and even tutorials for multiple projects. Many sites with design resources trap you into making a purchase. Don’t fall into that trap! Free design resources are out there and waiting for you. Here are four free online websites that can help you knock out some serious successful designs!

Canva: Canva is an online graphic design site birthed out of Sydney Australia. The site is mainly aimed towards beginner designers, but professionals can also find it’s simplicity useful. You start by choosing what template Canva offers. They range from social media, blog graphics, holiday cards and so on. You then use the search function and it gives you access to a bundle of stock images and visual elements. While most are free to use, you can also pay for premium images. Canva also comes with multiple fonts and color choices. You then use a drag and drop feature to create your new graphic. If you’re not familiar with Adobe programs, Canva is a simple and easy way to design.

Spoon Graphics: Graphic designer blogger, Chris Spooner’s purpose is to share his secrets for creating crazy good design. Chris has a great amount of free tutorials for creating designs trending right now. His tutorials are easy to follow and he includes resources for unique images and fonts. Another advantage of his blog is he gives out freebies! They usually come in bundles of vectors, brushes, textures, patterns and more. And again, they’re free! Most of the perks are free but you can also pay a $10/month to gain access to hundreds of premium resources.

Eezy: A fellow Bowling Green company providing content for creative minds. It’s a community of creatives who contribute and share their work with thousands all over the world. Eezy uses three networks: Brusheezy, Vecteezy, and Videezy. Brusheezy includes Patterns, textures, Photoshop brushes and more. Vecteezy has a collection of vectors, icons, and illustrations. Videezy consists of downloadable high-definition videos and b-roll footage. What a range of content to help tap into your limitless creativity!

Phlearn: Sometimes ametuer YouTube tutorials don’t always have the best quality. You become focused on the muffled sound, constant clicking noise, and awkward silence. With Phlearn, you get great video quality. This fun and innovative company is driven by passionate photography professionals. They have 700+ free lessons and tutorials that are easy to follow. The tutorials are instructed by Photoshop extraordinaire, Aaron Nace. His quirky and fun energy livens up the tutorials making them enjoyable to watch. Phlearn’s tutorials expand from educating the basics of photography for beginners to teaching advanced techniques for professionals.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert – there is a full range of online resources out there that are FREE. So waste a little less time (and money) searching for them and spend a lot more time creating incredible designs with the help of these free tools!


Written by: Chounsee Chear/ Designer