Experiential What?

Experiential marketing. You might know it as “experience design” or “activations” or “live marketing”, but whatever you call it or whichever way you slice it, it all boils down to one thing. Experiences.

Put plainly, experiential marketing is marketing a brand through experiences that both engage their audience and create an emotional attachment to their products, services, or the brand itself.

It’s a growing trend in our industry but not a philosophy change for us. Our approach to brand strategy has always been one that placed value and emphasis on engagement and the emotional connection audiences develop with a brand. It is the reason we start with the WHY of a brand, and the reason we build story brands with messaging and creative.

It’s also one of the many reasons we’re so excited about our merger with Stadiumred Life to become SevenBlue. As part of our enhanced service offering, we work with brands like Michael Kors, Lyst, Rolls Royce, and the Grammy’s to create events where the audience can touch, interact, and experience a brand in a way traditional marketing can’t reach.

Through a variety of tactics including pop-up events, audience participation activities, creative design, and set construction we build experiences that leave the audience connected to a brand with an emotional attachment and a desire to champion the cause. It’s an exhilarating opportunity for brands that want to grow a tangible connection with their existing audience and new fans.

So next time you look at your brand’s marketing, ask how is your audience actually experiencing your brand. We’d love to talk about the innovative ways we could help you disrupt your industry and stand out.