Client Spotlight: Cult of Pedagogy

We recently had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Gonzalez to craft a new brand and website for her business, Cult of Pedagogy. When Jennifer approached us, she already had a successful business and a loyal user following. After our initial meeting we quickly discovered that what she ultimately needed was a rebrand and a total website overhaul. When it comes to branding we get a little giddy, like Joanna Gaines at a shiplap sale. Our overarching goal for the Cult of Pedagogy brand was to create consistency, truly capture her unique style and personality, and provide followers with a seamless user-friendly experience.

Before beginning this project, it was essential for us to truly understand who Cult of Pedagogy was. We think this excerpt from her website says it best:

“…What the heck is pedagogy anyway? It’s a fancy word for the study of teaching. I think it’s a word we should use more. And one more thing: About the word “Cult.” It’s kind of a joke. This isn’t actually a cult. The phrase is a play on the phrase Cult of Personality, which was a thing long before Living Colour released this song (a month after I graduated high school). Anyway, because I’ve always been pretty obsessed with education, I thought it would be a good name for a gathering of people who share that obsession.”

Part 1- Rebrand:

This is probably (definitely) one of the most colorful brands that we have ever created. The wittiness and eclectic style of Cult of Pedagogy needed to be accurately reflected by its brand. The new brand was designed to incorporate the strong unique illustration style, bold color fields, and witty brand language with a more consistent and repeatable color, type, and layout style.

The new Cult of Pedagogy brand features a color palette that is bold, engaging, and energetic. The color palette was designed so that numerous color combinations could be used for illustrations and logos on both print and web, so that the familiar logo icon will always look fresh and new.

Part 2- Website Redesign:

On, you can find blog posts, podcasts, videos, e-books, and more…all of which are designed to help teachers teach. With a new custom design that features simple navigation menus and clear headlines, educators are able to spend less time digging for the resources that they need.

This new website is lively and fun and embodies the Cult of Pedagogy brand. The layout is designed to highlight the colorful illustrations on blog posts, which are an important part of the brand, while also incorporating white space and formatted text for a clean, modern style. The website design was developed to bring the new vibrant nerdy brand to life and to ultimately help teachers be more awesome and accomplish excellence in the classroom.

Check out the newly designed Cult of Pedagogy website here!


Written by:  Hannah Snyder/ Brand Manager