Building Brand Champions & Brand Superheroes

The true success of any brand begins with how effectively the employees of that company embrace that brand, understand the brands core mission, share the brand story, and deliver on its promise. We refer to these employees as champions of the brand, or ambassadors. They have the ability to change the course of a company’s success. Pretty powerful, when you really think about it.

Culture 1

In order to build brand champions or brand superheroes, it must first start with the company. The ownership or leadership must set the tone by establishing a CULTURE that is like none other. Ask yourself, what makes you different? What makes you stand out from your competitors? Define what that is and then hire to it. And only hire the people that will fit that culture.

Insider Perks 2

Offering INSIDER PERKS is not only necessary, it’s critical. Offering perks such as free or heavily discounted product from the company, free gym memberships, and free airline tickets. They may also like the opportunity to take a week and give back to a charity of their choice. Offer it. Do it. Let them have that opportunity. And finally, establish a “no watch vacation” policy. This simply means that the boss doesn’t care, nor record, how much vacation time the employee takes in a given year. Provide flex-time and free-time for the employees as well. It’s been said that a happy and healthy employee is highly unlikely to look elsewhere for greener pastures.

Share the Brand 3

The company must also SHARE the brand with the employees – inside and out. They have to understand the history of the company and the core values. And most importantly, they have to know the products or services the company is selling, all of them. This knowledge and understanding will ENGAGE the employee like never before.

Empower the Team 4

EMPOWERING the employee is another great way to create ambassadorship. Let them take the reigns of the company’s social media platforms for a week or a month. Let them be the voice. Let them engage with the customers. Encourage them to connect, share and drive conversation. You’ll be amazed at just how much they will feel empowered and alive for the brand.

Support Heroes 5

And finally, the company has to SUPPORT the HEROES. The employees are the greatest assets in any one company. They are the heartbeat that makes everything work in sync. Encourage them to grow and to achieve new heights within the company.

It should be the #1 goal of any company to have strong Brand Champions or Brand Ambassadors. If this is achieved, success on many fronts is bound to happen.

Tim Earnhart, Founder/CEO of Werkshop