Building A Solid Strategy for Your Retail & Consumers Products Brand

As we roll toward the end of the year and we get closer and closer to Christmas (don’t worry we aren’t forgetting about Thanksgiving!) we started thinking about Santa’s workshop. While we’d love to relate our Werkshop to old Saint Nick’s on many levels, we both build things to inspire happiness and joy in our clients, one area we have related to recently is dealing with tangible, physical products.

Don’t worry, we haven’t traded in our branding chops to go build toys. However, many of our most recent clients have been creating some sort of product to sell and we’ve been having fun developing and launching those brands.

While we have a wide variety of clients in a growing number of industries, we wanted to focus this blog on one of the areas we really enjoy: working with retail and CPG brands from inception to production. As storytellers and brand architects there’s something special about creating a brand, especially when it’s built from just an idea.

One of our recent clients in this category is our friends at ManukaMed. In our partnership with this New Zealand based brand, we got to help them bring their manuka honey first-aid science to the marketplace and developed their retail brand, FirstHoney®.

On the opposite side of the aisle we’ve also helped CPC Commodities, a commercial livestock feed manufacturer and distributor, create their own brand of livestock feed for direct to consumer retail.

From naming, to logo creation, to packaging development, marketing efforts, and brand messaging, we’ve handled the creation of these brands and we’re pretty excited about it. Not just because we’re proud of the work, but also because of the unique products and incredible people we get to work with along the way.

The other reason we’re excited about our recent work in this category is we have even more tested and accomplished methods for serving these clients. This includes knowing an established strategy for retail & consumer based products. We’ve developed some keys to approaching the building of a brand. It all starts with these elements:


  • PURPOSE -What problem is your brand solving?
  • BRAND STORY & IDENTITY – What makes this brand unique? How did your brand get started and what are it’s personality and characteristics?
  • CONSISTENCY – Creating messaging and voice for the brand that is strong and consistent across all items: Logo & Taglines, Packaging, Email & Social Marketing, In-Store Displays, etc.
  • EMOTION – How does your brand connect with its target market and consumers?
  • FLEXIBILITY – How does your brand adapt to trends and evolve product lines when needed?
  • PERSONALIZATION & LOYALTY – How do you engage customers, reward loyalty, and make your brand experience unique for each individual?

Answering these questions and developing a plan for them can be tough. It takes a lot of work and a lot of forethought for any brand to handle these keys successfully, and that’s where we take a lot of pride in not only knowing the formula, but also helping walk companies through these vital elements of creating or becoming a successful brand, in both retail or consumer goods and beyond.

These aspects are always great to focus on when creating a brand but are especially poignant with the retail season of Christmas shopping almost upon us. Our Werkshop might look different than Santa’s but we think we both get pretty great results! Thank you for reading and blessings to you and your family as we enter this Holiday season!